Cost Effective Marketing: Vehicle Graphics

Mercia Construction professional vehicle graphics

Every small business is concerned with bringing in customers.  Whether your company sells products or services, generating sales is front and center to finding success.  Small business advertising can look like many different things, and not all forms of marketing are cost effective.

Fleet vehicle graphics have one of the highest returns on investment of any advertising medium.  For the cost of one printed newspaper ad, a tradesman can letter their pickup truck doors with a logo and contact info.  Then, by driving back and forth between vendors and jobsites, passive business advertising takes place.  The more you work, the more you advertise.  There is virtually no maintenance or on-going expense associated with fleet vehicle graphics, as custom vehicle signage will generally last the lifetime of the vehicle its been mounted on.

Have you ever been sitting in traffic behind beer delivery truck with an image of an ice cold beer on the back and thought "wow, I could sure use a beer right now."  I know I have.  Your business advertising can work the exact same way.  Even if your product isn't consumable, and maybe isn't even a price-point most consumers can easily afford, placing your advertising directly in front of folks when they have no choice but to keep looking is a hugely effective way to get attention.  Studies have shown that that more times a business ad displays in front of a potential consumer, the more likely that consumer is going to take the leap and make a purchase.

Research demonstrates that simply parking your professionally graphicked commercial vehicle in front of a store, jobsite, or customer's home boosts your business referrals by up to 75%.  Think about the last time you needed someone for home service - perhaps your dishwasher was on the fritz, and you were racking your brain for the name of an appliance repair company.  "Oh, that's right, the neighbor's down the street had an appliance repair truck in their driveway last month."  Now all you have to do is ask who they used and you've got yourself a referral.  Vehicle graphics do more than any other type of advertising to promote word of mouth advertising, and they do it for a one-time investment.  Your ROI doesn't get any sweeter than that!

Reach out to the folks at Great Big Graphics when you're ready to take your small business advertising to the next level.  Their experience and professionalism will make the process simple, and bring you results you can take to the bank.