Interview: Self Installs

emerson logging vehicle graphic

Every week, owner Nichole Loati talks with Frankie Allen over at 101 The One radio station as part of their weekly business check-ins. Catch it live on on Tuesdays at 2:20 or check here for transcripts.

  • F: 101 the one it is a Tuesday afternoon, and we are chatting with our friend over at Great Big Graphics in Morrisville, owner of Great Big Graphics is Nichole, a very good afternoon to you.
  • N: Hi, Frankie, how are you? I’m good. How you doing these days? I am hanging in there.
  • F: That’s good. We had a couple of beautiful stretch of weather there that I’m sure you got a lot of Graphics done, but let’s talk a little bit about the folks that maybe you would do graphics for and they would install them themselves
  • N: Well, yeah, that’s a big thing. You know, it’s especially times a year like this when we’re really busy. We’re kind of booked out a little ways and we still want to be able to help everybody. I have a really hard time saying no Frankie. People come in the door and they really want some graphics on their truck but I might be booked out 3 or 4 weeks and they really they just need it now, or maybe it’s going in the parade or you know something so Something that I actually really appreciate is especially with the smaller vehicles or a pickup truck. Maybe graphics are just going on the door is when folks are willing to install the graphics themselves. So we’ll still do the complete design will get everything printed and covered and lines on it for measuring and everything else and then I would just hand it over along with an install kit. If they don’t know what they’re doing, I can show him how to do it and I really I love doing it that way, you know keeps us moving we’re still getting everything out the door, But folks aren’t having to sit around and wait for us.
  • F: That’s a great feature and the fact that you actually show them because it could be a little intimidating if you’re not quite sure how to install that.
  • N: It can be intimidating and we actually made a YouTube video years ago and and I’ve got that on the internet and it’s really funny to watch because it keeps getting watched even though I made this like 6-7 years ago there’s people constantly watching it. But you know, it’s not that difficult a process once you break it down and I’ll show them, okay, this is the trick. Folks really realize it’s just not that big a deal. Now, for some clients, for instance Bourne’s Energy, these guys have roughly a hundred different trucks on the road, right? Yeah. And some of those trucks are pick ups and they’re no big deal, and some of those trucks are huge oil tankers. So like today for instance. We lettered one of their oil tankers. We did the installation for them, but when they dropped it off, I handed the gentleman three sets of graphics for smaller trucks that he can install himself. So, you know, it’s like I’m still here and still available if it’s too daunting of a task. There’s another client that we’re working with right now. It’s a company called Track, Inc. They’re out of Newport, Vermont. These guys specialize in snow cats. So cool, but they they have two locations ones in Newport and ones actually in Wisconsin. They like using us for their graphics. But you know, it’s kind of pricey to fly me out to Wisconsin right? I tried! I tried man.
  • I’m sure you did! That would be great.
  • So we’re going to do all the installations here, in Newport. We’ll drive to their site, they’ll pay us for travel and we’ll do all the installations there. But for the Wisconsin graphics, I’m just going to prep the graphics and ship them out along with some instructions.
  • And you do that for other, out of the area clients.
  • Oh yeah, we do. Absolutely. Another really big customer of mine, HP Cummings, they’re a contractor that handle commercial work and they they handle commercial work all over New
    England and they’re based out of New Hampshire. They have maybe a couple hundred trucks on the road dozen-or-so equipment trailers. So again, I make all their graphics I ship them and they have a body shop, they actually don’t do their own installations. So they have a body shop there in New Hampshire that I ship these graphics to and then they put them on for them. So it’s like it’s a cool partnership, you know, I’m still able to do all their work even though I’m here in Morrisville.
  • That’s another great the feature from Great Big Graphics, you’re located in Morrisville of course. check them out. Locally owned and operated for all your signage, branding whatever else you might need. It is Nichole over there a Great Big Graphics. Thank you so much for spending some time with us Nichole. Appreciate it.
  • Thank you, Frankie. Good afternoon.
  • Yah you too. Enjoy.