Interview: CNC Jobs

wood polishing

Every week, owner Nichole Loati talks with Frankie Allen over at 101 The One radio station as part of their weekly business check-ins. Catch it live on on Tuesdays at 2:20 or check here for transcripts.

  • F: 101 the one a very good Tuesday afternoon to you, another beautiful day out there with checking in with our friend over at Great Big Graphics. That is Nichole. She is the owner. They’re located over in Morrisville. And once again welcome to the show, Nichole.
  • N: Hi Frankie, how are you?
  • F: I’m doing well and getting ready for the big Fourth of July celebration?
  • N: Oh yes sir.
  • F: Very good. Well I know that you’ve been working very hard. This time around you guys are cutting wood pieces, plastic pieces what’s going on over there?
  • Well the CNC has been running a lot this week which is just fantastic, you know, cuz it’s a newer a piece of equipment for us and finally, I think the words getting out and folks know we have this and that I just don’t charge that much. So we’ve got a lot of sign companies and cabinet workers and stuff that send pieces to us and have us cut them and carve them. So just this week, we’ve been doing some cabinet pieces for a woodworker. Just saves him some labor you know. He just sends us a drawing, we cut out all the pieces and all he has to do is glue everything together. So we we got those out and we did some cutting and carving of signs for two different sign companies in Lamoille County that I work with regularly and help them get their signs out the door and something cool, I have a new sign company that I had not worked with before. Way down in Rutland. They called me a few days ago and had us cut a whole bunch of plastic circles for them for some project that they’re working on and something really cool happened Frankie.
  • What is that? I understand that that you’re becoming famous. Is that right?
  • Well apparently I’m radio famous. I don’t know if anybody actually knows what I look like! We were driving down to Rutland to deliver these pieces. You know, I just really wanted to meet these people and so we stopped at a gas station and we’re filling up the van, the work van. It’s got the logo on the side and everything, you know. And this nice man, runs over and leans in the window and he goes “are you the famous Great Big Graphics lady from the radio?”
  • He recognized your voice!
  • He must have heard me ordering my husband around, you know!
  • That will start to happen to you, more and more you’ll go into the grocery store and they’ll start to look at you a little funny and they’ll ask you. Do I know you?
  • And you hide right?
  • And it all comes down to, they know your voice. That’s what it comes down to. I’m glad that you’re becoming, you know, probably more famous than I will.
  • I don’t know about that!
  • But good for you, I’m happy for you, but I’m just getting back to – so you’re from Lamoille County. In Rutland, so think about that. That’s That’s mighty stretch there you’re covering a lot of ground.
  • We are covering a lot of ground, I mean, we’ve been doing more and more work outside of Lamoille County. Down in Southern Vermont has been a lot, Upstate New York and New Hampshire. I’ve even had a couple of projects in Maine.
  • Wow.
  • Yeah, you know and I don’t love the travel, but I do love the work so bring it on.
  • But you know, good work, a good quality work, news travels fast. That’s what you guys are all about. Great Big Graphics. It’s Nichole. Check them out and they can certainly answer any questions you might have. Locally owned and operated since when Nichole?
  • Oh gosh, well 1979, but I’m not that old quite, I’ve run the company since 2012.
  • There you go. Alright. Always a pleasure to chat with you. Get out there and enjoy some of that sunshine, alright? We will talk to you soon.
  • You too!