6 Secrets to Creating a Memorable Company Logo

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6 Secrets to Creating a Memorable Company Logo

It's no secret that logo design is an important aspect of effective branding and setting a business up for success, but creating a memorable logo is surprisingly often overlooked by companies. Whether it's hesitation due to expense, time-consuming fears, or simply not having a solid concept to run with- many businesses put creating a new logo on the back burner when prioritizing their company tasks. The truth is that creating a company logo is well worth the time put in- and it can actually be (dare we say it) fun. We're here to show you how with some little tips that go a long way.

Here are 6 simple logo design tips to guide you in the right direction.

1. Seek Inspiration

The first step in creating your own logo for your business is to simply figure out what you like. It's hard to move in the direction of success if you're unsure what success even means to you. For your own company logo, the only one who is going to be a good judge of what that successful logo looks like is, you guessed it- you. And the most simple way to do this is to ask yourself, "What company logos stand out to me in the best way?". This could come from browsing through logos online, looking at other businesses in your industry with logos that appeal to you, or even just recalling logos that stand out to you in your day-to-day life. Whatever method you choose, compile a list and put them all together in a document. Having a number of logos to look at will help you find commonalities among them, making it clear to you what it is about those logos that sticks. From there, take note of the logo qualities you love by writing them down, and keep the document as reference material as you take off on your logo crafting journey.

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2. Stay Original

Now that you have your inspiration, it can be easy to want to create a logo very similar to one that you love by using an online template. Let's stop you right there. Remember, you took note of the logos you love to utilize qualities you like, not copy actual logos themselves. Stop yourself from taking cookie-cutter logo templates that thousands of other businesses will have, and instead pay attention to which qualities you want to shine in your logo. You and the success of your business will thank you later.

Another important aspect to note on this tip, is to not feel afraid of seeking guidance from a professional. There are incredibly talented professional graphic designers out there who are ready to help make your logo dreams and visions a reality. It's their literal job to help your business shine in an original, beautifully authentic way that will build your brand identity long-term. If you're looking for professional logo advice, we know a guy.

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3. Find Your Palette

Now for the fun part. The process of finding the palette for your logo will vary significantly depending on where your business stands currently in terms of brand identity. If you're a brand-new business starting from scratch, your palette finding process is going to look a lot different from a business that has an established aesthetic already. And we're here to remind you that both are more than okay.

When you have a good logo concept in mind, we'd urge you to work with a professional when developing your logo palette. This is because experienced graphic designers understand exactly how to curate a design palette that is built to last. From finding your brand colors to establishing fonts, shapes, signage, and more- the right team will walk you through each step of the process and guide you in the direction of success. Working with a professional designer is truly a wise investment for your business that will have an excellent ROI long-term.

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4. Less is More

Once you've established your palette, it's time to begin building out your logo. When you go into actually designing a logo, it can be easy to get carried away and want to incorporate all the colors and important elements that you decided you love. It's important at this phase to take a step back and remember that a little goes a long way with a modern logo, and understand that less is more.

A great way to do this is to visualize your logo being put to use in the real world. Will it be put on signs? Vehicle graphics? Office displays? Considering where your logo will be placed over time is a great way to determine which elements you want to be included, and which to cut. A cluttered, busy logo likely won't be your best bet. Working with a professional logo designer is an excellent choice at this phase. An experienced graphic designer will guide you toward picking logo elements with meaning and help you land on a good logo design that will shine no matter where it is used.

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5. Make it Legible

While this step may seem obvious, you'd be surprised how many illegible logos exist out there. Making your logo easy to read is critical to the success of your business. It's important to note that this step doesn't just apply to logos with text, too. You could have the coolest and most unique logo design in the world, but if it is not clear and easy to read visually, your brand will struggle to gain recognition over time.

A great way to practice logo legibility is to show your logo concepts to friends outside your company. If they find your logo immediately recognizable and easy to understand, you're on a winning track. On the contrary, if they have a hard time deciphering what your logo is representing, it may be time to go back to the drawing board.

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6. Work With a Professional

By now you're probably noticing a theme, and it's this- working with a professional logo designer will always be your best bet for creating an original, unique, and timeless logo. Whether you have the most complex of designs or are starting from scratch with no idea where to even begin, working with a graphic design company is truly the best way to set your company logo up for success.

Great Big Graphics has helped thousands of clients across New England over the years build the logo of their dreams. Specializing in signs and banners, print design, vehicle graphics, and overall branding- we've got you covered. To learn more or to receive a custom logo design quote today, say hello! We can't wait to meet you.